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Friday 17 February 2023

Thailand confirms a new tourist tax

Regular readers will be aware that Thailand is one of my favourite travel destinations.

I love the food, the friendly vibe and the great value for money.

But I cannot help but criticise the crazy decision to impose a new tax on visitors just as the global travel market is returning.

The new Thai tourist fee was given the go ahead by the Thai Government this week and will be imposed from June this year.

Tourists will be required to pay THB300 (around $12.70) fee per person when arriving by air. Travellers entering by land or sea will pay THB150. 

Why, if you are introducing a new tax, you would make it for such a piddling amount is mysterious. 

Anyway. expect queues at airports to pay a tax that will probably cost more to collect that it adds to Government coffers.

The Thailand tourist fee apparently includes some accident insurance protection for foreign tourists - but good luck with that.

“The collected fee will be used to tourism and insurance for international tourists during their stay,” said Government spokesperson Traisulee Traisoranakul.

Fee revenues "will help maintain tourist attractions and infrastructure".

Transit travellers are exempt from paying the fee, Travel Mole reported.

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