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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Dogs make travel more difficult - but we love them anyway

We certainly love our dogs - but they can make travel very difficult.

Only a handful or hotels and B&Bs welcome furry friends and taking them on public transport is often a no no. 

Some pets are not happy in doggy accommodation, which means employing a dog/house-sitter. If you can find one 

Respondents to a recent survey cited the biggest difficulty of dog ownership as finding a dog-sitter when going away (37%), and 83% said their dogs make it harder for them to go holiday.

Two in three dog owners surveyed (66%) would like the opportunity to be able to take their dog on an overseas holiday with them - completely impractical in my opinion - while 95% of owners would pay the costs to move their furry friends overseas with them should they move abroad.

The majority (76%) of dog owners believe the time has come for dogs to be allowed on planes (40% unmuzzled/uncaged; 36% with a muzzle and/or cage). Again, hugely impractical in most cases. 

Aussies want their dogs to play a part in their social lives, too. 

A total of 71% of respondents are in favour of dogs being allowed inside cafes and pubs, and 66% of dogs have dog friends they go to visit.

The 2022 Great Australian Dog Survey was conducted by Scratch, an Australian dog food company. It surveyed the owners of over 12,700 Aussie dogs. 

Here are the details:

Image: Scratch co-founder Mike Halligan with a furry friend. Supplied.    

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