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Sunday 3 April 2022

Schmuckenschlager celebrates some sassy stats

The Austrian wine industry is booming. 

Taking advantage of a global trend towards elegant cool-climate wines, Austrian wine exports grew by over 15% despite the travails of 2021. 

Revenue rose by €29.5 million to €216.8 million (+15.7%) - the greatest growth in value ever.

Exports were mainly driven by Austria’s white qualitätswein (quality wine) and growth was strong in the USA, Canada and China.

In Australia, cool-climate wines from Tasmania have enjoyed similar success. 

“The export figures for 2021 are a huge success for the whole of the Austrian wine sector,” said Chris Yorke, CEO of Austrian Wine (Austrian Wine Marketing Board). 

“What is particularly significant is that we were able to achieve such a high increase in value. That is, after all, the ultimate aim of our efforts: to boost value for our winegrowers.”

Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of Austria’s Winegrowers Association, said: “Thanks to the outstanding work done by our winegrowers, exports have been on a steadily rising trajectory for a number of years now. 

"Together, we are taking advantage of this growth potential to make Austrian wines more widely known outside of Austria. One thing is clear: choosing Austrian wine is a guarantee of top quality and sheer enjoyment. This is increasingly being recognised around the world.”

Austria exports to 100 countries but has recently focused efforts more on the top 10. The top three markets are currently Germany, Switzerland and the US.

Austrian Wine has supported winemakers with over 100 events around the world in 2021, either staged as virtual, hybrid events or events held on location. 

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