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Monday 18 April 2022

City imposes ban on consuming alcoholic drinks

Bad luck if you are a wine lover working in Puyang city in China’s Henan province.

The city of 3.7 million people has issued a sweeping booze ban that prohibits all civil servants, party members and cadres from drinking alcohol throughout the working week - even outside of work hours, Chinese website Vino Joy reports.

A directive issued on April 9 by the local authorities prohibits drinking not only on week days but also after working hours and holidays. The only exception will be for attending events such as weddings or funerals.

This is step further than the killjoy city’s alcohol consumption curb issued in 2009 - when drinking during lunch breaks was prohibited.

The move is to “rectify public servants’ working style” and to prevent them from using alcohol as “a breeding bed for corruption”.

Official lunch and business meetings in China can be boozy affairs, where alcohol-soaked lunches and banquets often facilitate deals and favours, Vino Joy reported.

Puyang is a city located on the northern shore of the Yellow River.

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