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Saturday 30 April 2022

New sustainable wine range offers sub-$10 value

It is hard to find a sub-$10 wine that shines, but I was genuinely impressed by both the varietal chardonnay and the well-balanced sauvignon blanc in the range of  sustainability-driven new Australian wine brand Rewild. 

The $9.99 range from Duxton Vineyards released this week includes a chardonnay, moscato, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and rosé, with red varietals arriving later in 2022.

The blurb says the wines are all produced using sustainable methods and made using minimal intervention. That's good stuff. 

The range is also 100% vegan friendly, ticking another hipster box, along with ethical consumption credentials.

Recent studies have revealed that almost two in three Australians (65%) are concerned about their carbon footprint, and 40% of consumers value and consider a company’s environmental efforts when purchasing products 

Duxton Vineyards is a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. 

Senior winemaker Tony Allen says Rewild is a wine range that celebrates Australian agriculture and is dedicated to improving the environment.

“It’s the land that gifts us these wines, so it’s important that we give back and support meaningful change," Allen says. 

"Rewild is created for people who enjoy delicious wine but also want to make purchase decisions they feel good about, and have a positive impact on the environment.” 

The Rewild bottles are lightweight and packed in FSC-certified recycled cardboard, and the labels are made from sugarcane - all features designed to minimise the brand’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Rewild has a goal to reach 100% renewable energy, uses regenerative farming practices, water-saving initiatives and a biodiversity management plan as well as not using any animal products.

All the grapes come from the southern Murray Darling region. 

The wines are available from Dan Murphy’s stores nationally for $9.99. 


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