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Saturday 30 April 2022

Whisky campaign hits a sour note

I get quite a few absurd press releases over the course of a week but one from whisky producer The Glenlivet takes out an award for sexism. 

The premise of this release is that women cannot, and do not, appreciate fine whiskies without a mixer. 

And they have roped in an actress to help their case. 

“Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin and renowned Single Malt Scotch The Glenlivet are ripping up the rule book on whisky drinking traditions in a provocative new campaign.”

OK. So what is it all about?

The Glenlivet is on a mission to break the whisky drinker stereotype and shine a light on all appreciators. As Paquin says in the new commercial: "Whisky doesn't care what's between your legs, so why should we be told to follow these rules?"

Noting her first experience with The Glenlivet, Paquin broke conventions by adding tonic to the whisky, "I first discovered Glenlivet while I was working in Scotland. While it tastes great on its own, I found it's even yummier when you add a little mixer and create a cocktail."

The drivel goes on: Paquin was selected to become the face of The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand due to her “ongoing invitation to flip convention on its head”.

The launch film is directed by famed director and photographer, Jamie Nelson at her 1968 Hollywood Regency style house in Los Angeles. 

The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand Marketing Manager Kristy Rutherford chimes in: "Whisky has long been seen as a symbol of power, drunk solely by middle-aged, white men behind closed doors of the 'Old Boys' Clubs'. In fact, one-third of whisky drinkers globally are women.”

Should you wish to be insulted further on #BreakTheStereotype head to The Glenlivet's website.

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