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Friday, 11 September 2020

It's a miracle. The power of prayer helps sell excess wine

The power of prayer has helped sell 20,000 bottles of excess wine.

If that sounds like a tall story, the wine-making nuns at Sint Catherinadal convent in Oosterhout, Netherlands, will be happy to correct you. 

The religious order was stuck with the excess wine when "a major Dutch airline" pulled the plug on an order because of coronavirus, Dutch News reported. 

The nuns at the oldest order in the country are partly dependent on the sale of the wines they make with the help of South African consultant Andries Mostert. 

Thibaud van der Steen of online platform Breda Maakt Mij Blij (Breda makes me happy) came to their rescue. 

The platform helps farmers and others who have trouble selling their produce because of the coronavirus crisis by featuring them on their site.

"We made a little video a couple of weeks ago to market the wine and then the sales snowballed," van der Steen said. "The nuns think it’s a miracle."

All of the bottles have now found a home, just in time to make room for the next load.

"The 2019 wine is almost ready and that needs to be sold as well - and later this year we will asking volunteers to help pick this year’s grapes,’ van der Steen said. 

The sisters have been making mostly white and rosé wines since 2017 using chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot blanc, pinot noir, auxerrois and gamay, they say on their website.

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