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Monday 28 September 2020

Hotel chain opens its doors for furry friends

If you've often wished that your canine companions could join you in your hotel room there is good news today from QT Hotels and Resorts.

QT has introduced fur-friendly stays at its properties across Australia and New Zealand.

The new Pup Yeah! program offers guests the chance to get away with their canine best friend and share in a night of luxury. 

Guests checking in with their pooch will be met with features including an in-room doggy dinner menu by QT Hotels Australia’s Head of Treats, Nic Wood and New Zealand’s Head of Treats, Jiwon Do. 

Menu highlights include steak tartare with raw beef, mushrooms and egg yolk; risotto with bone marrow, bone broth, parsley and crispy pigs ears; livers and toast with chicken livers, pork neck, chicken gravy on whole meal toast and an ice cream sandwich with bacon ice cream, dried liver and oat biscuit.

For discerning dogs with dietary requirements QT Bondi has an approved vegan menu. 

Each Pup Yeah! room comes with a pooch appeal mini bar and designer bedding. 

Across Australia, furry guests will find bespoke treats by boutique pet bakery, Woof Gateaux and sleep set by Nice Digs

In New Zealand’s dog-friendly mini bars, canines will find colour-coordinated bow ties and bandanas from Wolves of Wellington, plus designer bedding, bowls and nightly turndown service provided by Wellington dog bakery and specialty shop Smack Bang.

For pups in need of a little therapeutic kudos, selected QT Hotels have partnered with local groomers to extend a bespoke pupQ treatment menu. 

Pup Yeah! Rooms start from $450 inclusive of bedding, water bowl, and a complimentary dish from the in-room dog dining menu.

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