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Friday 4 September 2020

Hello! to a new vegan-friendly wine range

If you pop in to a Ritchie's Liquor store in Victoria you may be greeted by someone wearing a bright mask saying "Hello!" 

The masks are an initiative from innovative wine wholesalers Fourth Wave Wines, who have just launched a new range of wines called Hello! 

"We wanted to help the Victorian retailers who are doing it tough but selling our new Hello! range by offering their staff branded face masks," says PR chap Patrick Haddock. 

"We hope we are one of the first wine companies who have created face masks – and beside who doesn’t like a friendly 'Hello!' in these uncertain times?

"As we were about to launch Hello! in Victoria, it coincided with the state’s second stage 4 lockdown and we wanted to do something that reflected the brand’s sense of optimism and was also proactive in helping those in the retail frontline.

"To do our part in keeping everyone safe we sent out Hello! face masks to our friends in Victoria. In conjunction with 64 Ritchie’s retail outlets, teams in each store received face masks with our Hello! logo emblazoned on the front to ensure our retail partners were kept safe during the latest lockdown.

"While masks can be a little bit intimidating, we wanted to humanise this mandatory garment so came up with the plan to emblazon the friendly Hello! greeting on the front. These masks are Australian sourced, fitted with replaceable filters and washable so they can be reused and stay out of landfill!" 

The Hello! range is made containing no animal products or traces. 

“With so many people now opting for a vegan diet, we decided it was time to produce a great tasting vegan-friendly wine to complement the fantastic range of vegan meals that so many people are currently enjoying," says the super-enthusiastic press release. 

"Now, when you tuck into your lovely vegan lunch or dinner, you can sit back and relax knowing your entire meal is vegan-friendly,” said Ross Marshall, general manager for Fourth Wave Wine.

The range is available from major liquor retailers nationally and includes a pinot grigio, rosé, pinot noir and shiraz all with an RRP of $13.99. 

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