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Sunday 19 January 2020

Ibiza and Majorca have had enough of boozy Brits

The holiday islands of Ibiza and Majorca have long been magnets for booze-fuelled British tourists. 

But now the Spanish have had enough of the pink pissed pests. 

he regional government of the Balearic Islands has passed a bill clamping down on alcohol-fuelled antics in resorts that have a reputation for rowdiness and excess drinking, Travel Mole reports.

Happy hours, free drinks and the advertising of pub crawls are now illegal in the West End of Sant Antoni on Ibiza and Playa de Palma, El Arenal and Magaluf (above) on Majorca.

The laws, drawn up in consultation with the tourism industry, also bans two-for-one drink offers, prohibits the sale of alcohol in shops between 9:30pm and 8am and forbids advertising party boats in designated areas. Alcohol vending machines have also been outlawed.

In addition, no new licences will be granted for the notorious booze cruises. 
The regional government said the measures will "fight excesses in certain tourist zones" and "force a real change in the tourism model of those destinations".

Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela described the move as "an exceptional law for a particular area and a specific problem".
A ban on 'balconing' - when holidaymakers jump from a hotel or apartment balcony into a swimming pool - has already been in place in some resorts and has been extended across the whole region. 

British tourists have helped make these resorts notorious. Magaluf, for instance, has been nicknamed 'Shagaluf' because of its reputation.

"With this, the Balearic Islands become the first destination in Europe to fight back against tourism based on excess," Negueruela said.

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