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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Meet the first restaurant in the world serving airline food

A lot of international airlines employ high-profile chefs to tweak their in-flight menus, but Air Asia is believed to be the first airline to open its own restaurant on the ground.

AirAsia in-flight meals are now available at Santan Restaurant and T&CO Cafe, which has opened at Kuala Lumpur's Mid Valley Megamall.

It is the first of up to five franchise-operated restaurants expected by the end of next year and it plans to have 100 open within three to five years.

Santan is the name of the airline's in-flight menu and the restaurant menu will include its signature dishes: Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak and Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice among others.

It also features dishes from across south-east Asia from Thailand to Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

"We wanted to be a lifestyle brand and not just an airline brand," Group CEO Tony Fernandes says. "We can't be a lifestyle brand without food. Our airline food has been successful and we are the first airline ever to commercialise our food."

Fernandes said a franchised Santan location will soon open in China. He also wants to bring the restaurant brand to Europe and North America in the future.

I've flown several times with AirAsia and its economy class food is excellent - if you choose the Asian menu options. 

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