East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Discover the hottest hotel trends for 2020 and beyond

Expect guests to demand more innovative hotel experiences and to see more women in leadership roles. 
These are just two of the trends that will shape luxury travel experiences in 2020, according to the global Accor group. 
As a new decade approaches, the hospitality industry will evolve to meet changing aspirations, needs and guest behaviours. With travellers becoming more concerned with sustainability, wellness, equality and mindfulness, luxury hotel operators will need to change their offerings.
Accor manages 4,900 hotels and residences across 110 countries and has shared five emerging travel trends for luxury hotels in the Asia Pacific region. 
A lot of the release contains industry gobbledygook of the worst order, so I've trimmed the release down to the basics. 
On-trend Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa 
Innovative Guest Experiences
No longer satisfied with cookie-cutter itineraries and typical tourist attractions, today's luxury travellers seek to create positive memories through unique and individualised engagements. Travelling becomes a part of their identity and an important step in understanding the world and themselves. These travellers expect more from their hotels than just beautiful accommodation and top-notch service.
Transformative Travel
Searching for immersive experiences that will transform more than just Instagram feeds, modern travellers crave empowering moments and meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. Typically in the form of community work, yoga retreats and wellness getaways, transformative travel helps to bring out the best in everyone.   
Mindful Purchasing
Hungry for more authentic local immersion, travellers often start with what they eat, which drives hotels to scrutinise the origin and procurement of their food products. Re-thinking the current supply chain addresses issues such as food wastage. 
Sustainable Menus
The latest menu trends, plant-based meat substitutes, are finding their way into many restaurants across Asia-Pacific. Going beyond reducing food waste and single-use plastics, the hotel industry is now looking to create sustainability from the very source. Livestock farming is known to have a vast environmental footprint.  It contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation among many other negative impacts.
Women in Leadership
The hospitality industry has evolved significantly in the past decade with an increasing number of women assuming leadership roles across the globe.  Accor has set concrete objectives to foster diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as equal pay.  Foreseeing that more women will take up leadership positions in the wider industry in 2020, Accor is paving the way to create change by committing to having at least 35% women general managers in its hotels by the end of 2020, with a longer-term goal of 50%.
For more information visit: www.accor.com

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