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Monday 28 January 2019

You could be hit by a flying fatty. Why everyone needs travel insurance

I'm always stunned by the number of travellers who say they don't need travel insurance. 

No matter how careful you are, no matter how safely you drive, or how good you are at being aware, some accidents are just that "accidents'. And they can be costly. 

Just ask British woman Jemma Joslyn, who is suing tour company Thomas Cook, claiming she was "almost crushed to death" when an obese woman landed on her on a hotel water slide.

Joslyn is taking action against the operator claiming there were no safety precautions in place at the hotel to monitor who was coming down the slide.

The mother-of-two, who apparently was not insured, has also accused Thomas Cook of providing "appalling" aftercare.

Joslyn was on the first day of her holiday at the Liberty Hotels Lykia in Olu Deniz, Turkey, when the incident happened.

She said she had just come down the slide when a woman crashed into her, feet first, and was travelling "around 30 miles per hour".

She was rushed to a local hospital with internal bleeding, liver and kidney damage, fluid on the right lung and five cracked ribs. No laughing matter. 

She said she had to spend £5,000 ($10,000) on "lifesaving surgery", which a friend helped pay for. 

It is not clear, however, why she is suing Thomas Cook and not the flying fatty who hit her. 

Thomas Cook issued a media statement saying: "Both our UK-based welfare team and our in-resort team have been in touch with Ms Joslyn on several occasions following this accident. We also arranged for her parents to fly to Turkey to be with their daughter."

A spokeswoman said a duty office arranged flights for the parents free of charge, plus transfers and for them to stay at the hotel where the children were staying.

She said she could not comment further as the case is with a legal team.

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