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Friday 4 January 2019

Budget airline courts controversy - again

The budget airline Ryanair is never far from controversy. Some tourism industry observers would say it actively courts notoriety.

Despite hitting passengers with excess fees for all kinds of minor malfeasance, including excess baggage, to refusing to listen to complaints, Ryanair is a household name in Britain.

That's because it offers some of the cheapest airline fares in the world if you shop at the right time.

Ryanair was again in the headlines this week after dozens of passengers claimed they were charged close to $200 extra each after a computer glitch they complained was Ryanair's own fault.

It is alleged the Ryanair website automatically changed travel companions' surnames to the same as the lead passenger or account holder.

Those who did not spot the error within Ryanair's self-imposed 24-hour grace period for free name changes were charged £115 to correct it.

The airline, predictably, denies there is a glitch with its booking system.

The Irish low-cost airline was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Ireland. 

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