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Saturday 26 January 2019

Every traveller's worst nightmare: a stinker in the seat next door

Every time I fly I cross my fingers.

I cross my fingers and pray that I get a seat with enough leg room. That I don't get sat next to someone who spills over the arm rest into my space, and most of all I want to flying gods to save me from a travel companion who stinks.

American Airlines has attracted flack this week for its decision to remove a family from a flight when other passengers complained about their body odour. I'm with the airline on this one. If they stink, or keep farting, kick 'em off.

The Michigan family were seated on a flight from Miami to Detroit on Wednesday when cabin crew asked them to step off the plane, travel websites reported.

The airline said several passengers, along with crew members, had complained about their smell.

It said the family were provided with hotel accommodation and meals, and re-booked on a flight the following day.

Yossi Adler, his wife, Jennie, and their 19-month-old daughter, complained to the media and denied they had body odour, saying they took baths every morning.

The 36-year-old business consultant from Southfield, Michigan, accused the airline of singling out his family because they're Jewish. Which sounds ridiculous considering how many Jewish people fly every day in the US without incident.

American Airlines insisted that body odour, not religion, was the reason for its actions.

A spokesman said: "The Adler family were asked to deplane Wednesday evening after multiple passengers, along with our crew members, complained about Mr. Adler's body odour.

"Our Miami airport team members were concerned about the comfort of our other passengers due to the odour. Our team members took care of the family and provided hotel accommodations and meals, and re-booked them on a flight to Detroit Thursday morning."

Hopefully they had a shower before flying.

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