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Monday 10 December 2018

Hotels taking the human element out of hospitality

I quite enjoy checking in to a hotel. I ask the receptionist for local tips, where the nearest shop is, the location of the swimming pool etc.

All that will be a thing of the past as the "hospitality" industry moves to replace humans with computer check-in counters.

It may well save money for the operator, but it sure isn't hospitable.

The new Ruby Apartments on the Gold Coast today sent out a press release saying how much its guests "are really enjoying the seamless check in process".

The first tower in this billion-dollar development showcases Australia’s first Enzosystems hospitality kiosks and CEO David Brook says he's delighted.

“The Enzosystems hospitality kiosks are our new front desk," he says. "There’s no longer a need for a full reception desk, as these systems offer a complete check-in and check out process.
“Our lobby area houses a circular check-in desk with six check-in stations where guests are guided through a self-check-in process with the help of our fully trained Ruby Ambassadors.
“Guests are no longer required to wait in line filling in mountains of paperwork, including information that has already been provided when booking. All information is entered into our check-in system at the time of booking, which means that guests check-in time is much faster, and they can start enjoying their holiday as quickly as possible.”
I say phooee.
How long before the ambassadors are phased out - just as they have been by airlines with automatic check-in kiosks?
Ruby Apartments boast that the "Enzosysystem hospitality kiosks are very easy to use. They hand out room keys and also take care of guest payments at time of check-out. They can even be used by visitors who arrive without a booking; with the kiosks housing updated information on what rooms are available at any given time."
Which is all well and good until there is a glitch, or the system fails.
Call me old fashioned but I prefer to detail with people rather than machines.
If you should be tempted by a brave new world check out

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