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Friday 28 December 2018

Thailand tourism boom continues apace

Thailand, a long-time favourite with Australian tourists, continues to grow as a global travel destination. 

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports announced the tourism figures for January-November 2018. Thailand received a staggering 34.43 million, up by 7.53% over the same period of last year. 
Seven countries (China, Malaysia, South Korea, Laos, Japan, India and Russia) have already generated more than one million visitor arrivals, and three more countries (United States, Vietnam and Singapore)set to follow suit when the full year 2018 results are tabulated.

TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said: “We are overjoyed to have this result in the last quarter of 2018. The 35 million visitor target is now set to be met. It is a tribute to the cooperation and creativity of the entire Thai travel and tourism industry to ensure that it remains our primary sector for job creation, distribution of income nationwide, and contribution to cultural, heritage and environmental preservation."
Visitation from all regions grew well except the Middle East and Oceania. European visitors were up 4.03% to 5.91 million but Australian visitors surprisingly declined by 1.61% to 728,720. 

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