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Friday 21 December 2018

Brexit madness creates travel chaos

The hugely hilarious Brexit (Britain's planned exit from the European Union) is now affecting travellers as slapstick Prime Minister Theresa May and her team of Conservative Party clowns bumble their way from disaster to disaster. 

The Sunday Times has warned that the Government is considering issuing a warning to British passport holders not to book holidays after March 29, 2019, in case of a Brexit "no-deal".

A report also claimed that May's merry band of idiots is considering bailing out travel companies whose businesses might be impacted as a result of the warning.

Throughout the prolonged Brexit negotiations, the government has consistently reassured the travel industry there will be no risk of disruption.

John Tangney, deputy chair of travel agency umbrella organisation AITO, said: "AITO is very disturbed to read The Sunday Times report, more especially following repeated assurances from HM Government that it is not true. It is a great shame that The Sunday Times seems to be trying to undermine or de-stabilise the travel industry.

"Bear in mind that if people cannot go abroad, it will hit inbound traffic too - and business travellers - thus damaging our own holiday and hotel industries severely, and potentially hampering business deals to the detriment of the UK."

The European Commission has said that even in a no-deal scenario, flights will still operate between the UK and EU, and a visa will not be required.
The Sunday Times report came days after it was confirmed that holders of British passports will be charged €7 to visit EU countries from 2021. 

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