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Wednesday 18 April 2018

A new Tasmanian drink - and it is not a wine or a whisky

Tasmania is known for having some of the clearest air and cleanest water in the world - hence the birth of Tasmanian Springs water. 

Tasmanian Springs is collected by Tasmanian Mountain Waters from a natural single source spring flowing to the surface at an amazing 33 million litres every day, providing consistent and balanced mineral content.

Bottled only with oxygen to sterilise, Tasmanian Springs adopts a chemical free policy so drinkers can be sure of a safe product, says distributor Damon Wecker.

The waters are available in 10-litre and 5-litre casks, as well as 750ml bottles, all designed by local Launceston company Walker Designs.

I liked the sparkling mineral water a lot, with its well-sized bubbles and refreshing minerally zestiness.  

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