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Tuesday 27 March 2018

Trash talking. Serving up the hype about a new holiday destination.

It can be hard selling a new holiday destination. Particularly one on the Gold Coast, where just about every Australian has spent a whole heap of time.

So it falls to press release writers to stir up unrealistic expectations with pages of purple prose well before any new property has opened.

If your press release is accompanied by artist's impressions showing a bog standard hotel bedroom and a fairly ordinary apartment kitchen (above), then it might be a good idea to temper your enthusiasm just a little.

The guilty party on this occasion is spruiking a massive new development to be called Ruby with "amazing" ocean views. It is described as "a precious gem".

Among the hype gems in the press release: "The first of four towers in the ‘billion-dollar game changer’ Ruby Collection development – the Ruby Apartments - is set to reshape visitor perceptions of what a family holiday experience is meant to be."

The "game changing" aspects apparently include "spacious living areas, full kitchen and laundry suitable for families of up to eight to come together and enjoy all the comforts of home, and free wifi.

We are told the new development will be: "the newest and most innovative apartment style accommodation on the Gold Coast, boasting 24-hour resort amenities and services" and with a "We don't do ordinary" slogan.

Ruby may end up a stellar success. But those images look ordinary to me.

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