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Monday 17 July 2017

Meet the stunning new colour-coded Riedel wine glasses

Riedel is one of the finest stemware producers in the world. 

Established in Bohemia in 1756 and now based in Kufstein, Austria, family-owned Riedel is best known for its massive range of glassware designed to enhance the enjoyment of different styles of wines. 

New in the range for 2017 is the colour-coded Fatto a Mano (handmade) range; varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems.

This range, however, has been assembled in a completely different way to any previous Riedel series. Fatto a Mano combines the most modern glassmaking technology – its machine-made bowl – with the sophistication of handmade glass – its elegant colour-coded stem and base. 

Family patriarch Georg Riedel said: “Our technicians convinced me that their automatically blown bowls are as high in quality as the finest mouth-blown glasses, when taking into consideration the even distribution of glass, thickness and lightness of weight."

The team began working on how to merge these two techniques and the result is a unique creation with hand-crafted stems and bases fused to machine-produced bowls.

The series includes six grape-varietal-specific shapes: Cabernet, Old World Pinot Noir, New
World Shiraz, Oaked Chardonnay, Riesling, and Champagne. Each glass sits at 250mm tall. 

The glasses stand apart thanks to their multi-coloured stems, which were inspired by ancient Venetian glassmaking traditions. The glasses are available in white, black, yellow, red, green or blue stems.

Each glass is packaged individually for $129.95, or can be purchased in a box of six, including all six colours, for $599.95. Fatto a Mano will be available to purchase from and all good homewares retailers from later this month. 


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