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Sunday 9 July 2017

Cowboy hats, country music and sweet, sweet wines

Take one patriotic American country music star, cowboy hat and all.

Add his love and dedication to "the Military, Veterans and our Flag!"

Throw in his live pledge of allegiance on Facebook every day. 

Add songs that have featured US Army General Tommy Franks and topics like love, war and shotguns as well as the hit "Billy's Got His Beer Googles On".

The obvious next step for Neal McCoy was to pop the cork on a new line of varietal wines.

Not just any wines, either. These are wines bottled in that hotbed of vinous excellence, Texarkana, Texas.

McCoy says the wines, with labels decked with the US flag and his own face "reflect the passion and loyalty that has fueled [his] life".

The McCoy vision, his press release says, was to source some of the finest tasting wines, representing the best of the vineyards from the finest regions around the nation.

“I am privileged the Neal McCoy /Nealbilly Wine brand is being launched for a new and old generation of wine drinkers," McCoy says in his press release. "Our wines today have just as much passion behind them as some of the finest wineries in Europe, while speaking to a new economy.

"Our Patriotic Set is a sweet series, and we also have additional varietals of four red and four white available.

"Neal McCoy wines are food-friendly and offer incomparable quality and value. Y’all check us out...."

So if you are looking for a trio of "Red Moscato, Moscato and the White Muscadine" for $US55, you know just where to go. 

Do let me know how they taste, y'all.  

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