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Saturday 1 July 2017

Up-to-date information a key to enjoyable travel

How many times have you looked in a guide book for up-to-date information only to find out later that a recommended restaurant serving that guinea pig you've always want to try has long since closed, or that highly-rated folk dancing theatre is now a porno cinema?

In a rapidly changing world, it pays to be on the ball with info: a little research might prevent you from booking into a previously perfectly adequate hotel that now offers views of a massive, and noisy, new freeway construction site. 

Or worse, that the No.12 bus now only runs twice a day and you are destined to spend several hours waiting for the next one. 

Search engines, websites and apps can all play a major part in ensuring a stress-free trip. 

A major holiday destination, Thailand, recently upgraded its Amazing Thailand and Tourism Thailand mobile apps to ensure accurate and timely travel information is at the fingertips of local and international tourists. 
In response to the way modern travellers seek services online, in particular on their mobile devices, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has developed mobile apps which give travellers instant facts and data on general tourist information or more niche services. 
The English-language Amazing Thailand mobile app is aimed at helping international tourists find data on attractions, tours, dining and accommodation. The Tourism Thailand mobile app, meanwhile, offers a similar range of services to local travellers with Thai language listings about events and attractions.
Both the Amazing Thailand and Tourism Thailand mobile apps are boast new features including maps, GPS and 360 VR images of destinations to enable users to easily find attractions and gain preliminary impressions of places of interest. Information can also be shared via e-mail and other social media platforms and email.
In addition, the Amazing Thailand mobile app also allows users to 'speak Thai' via an English-to-Thai translation dictionary, which can be voice-operated enabling tourists to find words they need to communicate with Thai people, shop owners or food sellers.
How very convenient should you urgently need a post office, or, even more urgently, be looking for the public toilets in some remote village in Nakhon Ratchasima. 
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