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Friday 20 January 2017

World Degustation Day: a chance to splurge in the Blue Mountains

January 26 may be Australia Day but January 27 has been declared World Degustation Day at the the classic Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains. 

The hotel is promoting dishes from exotic global locations infused with local flavours served by staff from around the world. 

Escarpment Group general manager Ralf Bruegger said: "The Hydro Majestic has always embraced cultural diversity, not because its first owner Mark Foy was politically correct, but because he genuinely loved people of all races, their culture, art and food – just as we do today.

"In fact, what is seen as progressive, even outrageous today, has always been normal at the Hydro Majestic." 

Staff from 15 language groups work at the Hydro Majestic including English, French, Canadian, Russian, Chinese), Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Thai and more. Bruegger is German and head chef Mate Herceg has a Croatian background.

"People visit the Hydro Majestic from all over the world and we must understand and accommodate their cultural needs,’’ Bruegger said. "In an internationally renowned destination such as the Blue Mountains, it is expected of us and certainly received by our guests."’

Guests at the World Degustation Day banquet will be treated to global gastronomy through a decadent food safari featuring flavours from all seven continents. 

"We’ll also have a dish that’s quintessentially Aussie, because after all that’s our shared experience and we all love being here in this fantastic country of opportunity and diversity," Bruegger said.

The multicultural feast at the grandest of the grand hotels in the Blue Mountains will be designed and prepared by chefs from various cultural backgrounds including Michelin-star-restaurant-trained sous chef Max Vloet.

World Degustation Day will be held at the Hydro Majestic Hotel, Great Western Hwy, Medlow Bath, from 5.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday, January 27. Cost: $145 pp includes seven-course dinner, with beverages including with a refreshing sparkling lychee & mint cocktail on arrival, and entertainment. Bookings: or (02) 4782 6885.

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