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Thursday 19 January 2017

Henschke pulls a switch with new-release Mount Edelstone

Being an independent, family-owned business can have huge advantages. 

With no shareholders to answer to, companies can move quickly and make decisions that are right in the long-term rather than making a few more dollars in the short term.

The Henschke family, Australian winemaking royalty, are quite prepared to do things differently when required.

They decided not to release a 2011 Hill of Grace, their benchmark wine, because they were not happy with the quality of the fruit. 

Now they have moved to release their premium 2014 Mount Edelstone before the 2013 vintage.

After only three years the 2014 is perfectly poised for release,” says winemaker Stephen Henschke (above). 

“It may be young but it is a truly beautiful wine. The 2013, in contrast, needs patience. It is a structural beauty, although slower developing. With time in the cellar, it should unfold and bloom into its full potential.

The 2014 Mount Edelstone ($225) – made from fruit from a 105-year-old Eden Valley vineyard - will be released on February 1, and buyers will have to be quick as it was a vintage with very low yields and a much smaller-than-average volume. 

1 comment:

  1. That's a right royal price for wine that was only $45-$50 back in early 2000s, Hill of Grace was only $185 back then, $225 seems a stiff ask.
    Why are prices exploding, loyal customers are driven away, I am moving my buying back to old world European value