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Thursday 5 January 2017

Does business class offer value for money?

There was a debate on the Australian Frequent Flyer website this morning about the value of flying business class. 

There is no doubt business can be very expensive; and to be quite honest I don't see any value for flights of six hours or under. 

Bigger seats, better food? Who needs them when you will have landed in a few hours? 

The one thing to make certain of avoiding is a middle seat in economy - when people on both sides can overflow into your seat. 

For over 12 hours, and particularly for ultra-long-haul, business comes into its own - but only if the carrier features lie-flat beds so you can get a full night of sleep.

If you need to arrive at a business appointment in London or New York fresh and ready to go, then it really makes a huge difference. If the seat is just merely more comfortable then save your cash and have a massage or arrival, or treat yourself to a slap-up meal. 

Business class may offer a more comfortable seat and a better meal, but not everyone sees the benefits. 

In the end, the decision can be whether you'd rather multiple trips in economy, rather than a single trip at the front. 

When redeeming frequent flyer points, business class typically costs double the number of points as an economy ticket. which makes redemption better value than buying a business ticket, which can cost as much as 10x an economy fare. 

If you've got the cash (or your company does), then sure, a seat that converts into a lie-flat bed, as well as the enhanced service and privacy on board is very nice. There can also be perks like priority check-in, a higher baggage allowance and lounge access. 

It all comes down to research. There is nothing more disappointing than turning left and finding business is not much better than economy. Check out the details first. 

But as Australian Frequent Flyer points out, once you've flown long-haul in business class, it can be very difficult to go back to cattle class! 

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