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Friday 2 December 2016

Simply splendid! A new Tasmanian gin collaboration

Take Spring Vale winemakers Tim and Kellie Lyne, add designer Michael Travalia and country music star Ange Boxall and add the booze-making talent of former Jansz winemaker Nat Fryar and you have a formidable collaboration. 

The quintet has combined to create a new Tasmanian gin, The Splendid Gin, to be launched next weekend.

The Splendid Gin will be unveiled at The Christmas Craft Spirit Market at historic Narryna, 103 Hampden Road, Battery Point, from noon-6pm on Saturday, December 10. 

The new gin features the flavours of plump and zesty mandarins, Tasmanian spring water, quadruple-distilled grape spirit and essence of bergamot and rosemary along with traditional juniper and coriander botanicals and is billed as a new style of drink that is uniquely Tasmanian. 

The Splendid Gin is designed as a stand-alone drink for the connoisseur, or as a mixer with tonic and citrus. 

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