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Friday 16 December 2016

Coming to a hotel lobby near you: an essential oils bar

What happens first in the US tends to happen next in Europe and Australia, so get ready for an essential oils bar in your hotel lobby sooner rather than later. 

Filament Hospitality - a San Francisco-based hospitality management company - recently launched Shoreline Hotel Waikiki's Essential Oils Lobby Bar in collaboration with Oahu-based Oil Miracles Hawaii. 

The new facility features herbal essences that are "specially blended for island life" and offers a range of potions aimed at "improving the guest experience and with holistic wellness in mind".

The oils include a headache helper, muscle reliever, allergy relief and a sleep aid - all of which can be sampled at the essential oils bar and purchased at the front desk or online. 

While "try before you buy" is a great idea, and impulse buying could be high, I have a couple of problems with this. 

1. The lines at many hotel desks are long and annoying. I'm not sure how many guests will stand in line to buy essential oils. 

2. Some of the oils have such ridiculous names that sensible adults would feel stupid ordering a Buggy Begone, Sleepytime or Vog Relief (apparently vog is smog caused by volcanic ash). 

Useful, perhaps, are Muscle Relief, Sunburn Soother and Ditch the Itch. 

All told, Shoreline’s Essential Oils Bar offers over 18 essential oil blends on offer (sprays and rollers) and guests who book VIP rooms will be treated to complimentary oils in their rooms. 

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