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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tasmanian boutique businesses combine for unique gin

Two of Tasmania's most innovative small businesses have combined to create a unique infused gin. 

The Nonesuch Distillery on the Tasman Peninsula and Tas-Saff Safron from the Huon Valley have come together to create the new Grower's Own Saffron Gin. 

Saffron, described as "the most sought after spice in the world" and grown in one of the coolest parts of Tasmania, is added to the Nonesuch still to produce the stylishly packaged new boutique drink. 

Grower's Own is the only saffron gin produced in Tasmania and uses saffron threads not only in the distillation but also as a later infusion for the pale golden colour.

Terry and Nicky Noonan started Tas-Saff in 1990 on three acres of land overlooking the Huon River at Glaziers Bay and Tas-Saff is now a thriving commercial saffron producer and has developed a network of 50 growers throughout Australia. 

Rex Burdon's Nonesuch Distillery at Forcett is more recent arrival on the Tasmanian distilling scene, but has already made a big impact. 

For full details or to buy Growers Own Gin (RRP $88) go to

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  1. It's not the only saffron gin in Tasmania, Brocken Spectre do a saffron infused Tasmanian Summer Gin.