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Thursday 3 November 2016

Flinders Island emerges for its moment in the sun

The big island of Tasmania has established itself as one of Australias major tourism destinations. 

King Island is riding a boom after the construction of two new world-class golf courses and now Flinders island is waiting emerge from the shadows. 

Flinders Island sits between the Australian mainland and Tasmania: one of a small cluster of islands in Bass Strait.

It has rugged mountains to attract climbers and walkers, pristine beaches calling to hardy swimmers, and a range of bird life to fascinate ornithologists. 

Like Tasmania, it is a gourmet paradise. Visitors can sample local honey or hot sauce, and some of the purest rainwater on earth. 

There is even a boutique winery. 

Until now, Flinders Island has been a well-kept secret, an untamed wonderland flying well under the radar. 

Now the island´s 900 locals want to share their crayfish, wallaby, mutton bird, lamb and dry-aged beef, fresh fruits, vegetables and preserves. 

Spurred on by the growing popularity of local seafood, Flinders Island is launching an annual Crayfish Festival in March 2017

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