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Thursday 10 November 2016

Now there is an app designed for lovers of "natural" wine

The "natural" wine phenomenon shows no signs of going away, much as it may aggravate many in the industry. 

Events such Rootstock, to be held November 26-27 at Sydney's Carriageworks, draw massive crowds to sample wines made made without chemicals and using minimum technological intervention. 

The movement has gained massive momentum despite there being no official or legal definition of "natural" wine. 

Now natural wine finally has its own dedicated free mobile app in Australia, enabling access to the wines and information. 

Raisin started its journey in France. Then came Japan, the US, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Georgia, Poland, Taiwan, Bangkok, Moscow, Hong Kong and Luxembourg.

Now it is Australia's turn with the founders saying: "Natural wine: it is a state of mind, a way of discovering and drinking wine unlike any other. Because natural wine is our passion, and in order to make life easier for everyone involved, from the winegrower to the consumer, we created Raisin, the application devoted to natural wine.”

The app is designed for sharing, exchanging, and finding natural wines, anywhere in the world. 

It helps locate bars, restaurants and wine shops selling natural wines, keeps subscribers up to date with the latest news and upcoming events and includes an index of natural winemakers around the globe. 

The app needs a little refining (I was first directed to a bar in Antibes, France - a tricky trip from Tasmania), but it looms as a useful reference for natural wine lovers once the quirks have been worked out.  

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