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Saturday 5 November 2016

Is it time to consider boycotting holidays in the US?

By this time next week, the United States may be run by a man who is a sexist, racist, raving lunatic.
Donald Trump's pussy grabbing, border wall-building eccentricities have been well documented, but it appears there are still enough crazed, gun-loving Americans to possibly elect him as a president. 

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton and her dubious business practices and it amazes me that the "greatest nation on earth" has produced two such unappetising presidential candidates

There are already many reasons not to visit the US. Chief among them are the ill-mannered minimum-wage slaves in charge of "security" at US airports, and hands constantly out for tips anywhere from hotels and restaurants to airports. 

Everyone wants an extra buck or two. 

Our plans for a holiday to the music capitals of Memphis, Austin and Nashville are now on hold.  

Given Australia's own morally bankrupt government and many faults, including illegal treatment of refugees, we are, of course, in no position to lecture other countries on politics. And we vacation in many politically dubious locations. 

And given most Australians want only copious cold beers and cheap massages on holiday I suspect many will see a boycott demand as ludicrous. 

Some thinking Australians, however, might want to consider whether they want to help provide jobs and boost the economy of a country where over 50% of voters want to be led by a Klu Klux Klan-aligned Trump. 

After all, Canada, led by charming and urbane Mr Trudeau, is a very good North American holiday alternative if the grotesque Trump does triumph next week. 

Over to you. 

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  1. Excellent writing Winsor. I certainly wont be visiting the USA.