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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Where to find the cheapest club sandwich on the planet

I have a love-hate relationships with surveys that tell us what the most expensive and cheapest cities in the world are. They are simultaneously fascinating and ridiculous.  

Some of these surveys actually seem to involve a lot of serious research (which doesn't matter as everyone knows Sydney is now the most expensive place on the planet). Others, like travel website, work out the costliest city on the globe by comparing the cost of club sandwiches in five-star and three-star hotels.
Club sandwich with crisps. Pic: Wikipedia

Because everyone orders club sandwiches wherever they go, right?

Using this ultra-scientific method (which also doesn't specify whether the sarnies come with crisps, chips or cornichons, or simply nude), breathlessly informs us that "Geneva is the most expensive city for a club sandwich for the second year running, while Australia ranks 15th most expensive".

The real news here is that thinks Australia is a city - but let's not be picky. 

The PR machine says that "using the classic hotel staple of a chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich as a barometer of affordability, the Club Sandwich Index (CSI) offers holidaymakers an indication of the costs associated with their destination of choice.

"The CSI average price is calculated from the real prices paid by guests for a club sandwich in 30 hotels in either the capital or an important tourist city in the 28 countries surveyed, across five-, four- and three- star categories.  In total, 840 hotels globally were canvassed."

In Geneva, which also has pretty expensive Big Macs and does a good line in snootiness, the prices for the sandwich ranged from $46.22 in one five-star hotel to $16.41 in a three-star establishment - an average price of $34.83.

Either they make some pretty special club sandwiches on the shores of Lac Leman, or you'd be crazy to even consider buying one.  

Paris was second most expensive with an average price of $31.38, followed by Helsinki, which knocked Oslo out of the top three at $26.03.

New Delhi in India remains the cheapest destination for a club sandwich (which must see it zoom to the top of millions of people's most favoured next destination lists), with an average price of just $9.38. 

This survey claims Sydney experienced the greatest decrease in its club sandwich price, falling from $20.06 in 2013 to $18.10 in 2014. And that I do find hard to believe. 

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