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Sunday 25 May 2014

Come wine and dine with us: Australia's invitation to the world

Is Australia a great food and wine destination? 

When Tourism Australia conducted a survey it found a huge perception gap. Only 26% of would-be visitors to Australia associated the land down under with "good food and wine". 
Sydney's Quay restaurant offers dramatic views

But a massive 60% of those who had visited had a positive opinion of Australia as a culinary destination - second only to France. 

So in response to the growing demand globally for food and wine as part of the travel experience, Tourism Australia has evolved its "There’s nothing like Australia" campaign include a focus on wining and dining that is known as "Restaurant Australia".

Tourism Australia heavyweights are currently touring the nation launching the campaign in all states and territories after research conducted across 15 of Australia’s key tourism markets showed that "great food, wine, and local cuisine" is a now a major factor influencing holiday decision making. 

The new campaign highlights striking venues and world-class restaurants, wineries and culinary experiences. 

The new $10 million campaign is based on the idea of Australia being the world's greatest restaurant 'Restaurant Australia' and includes TV, cinema, online and print campaigns, a dedicated online hub (, consumer promotions in key international markets and attendance by 80 international media and key food and wine influencers at the 'Invite the World to Dinner' gala event at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania on November 14.

Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan said the roll-out of the campaign would occur in stages, leading up to the Tasmanian finale. 
Dining out in style in Tasmania

"Restaurant Australia is all about bringing together the incredible stories of our people, place and produce to demonstrate to the world that every day, unique and exceptional food and wine experiences are being served-up in remarkable locations, and then sharing these stories through the creation of rich and compelling content," he said.
O'Sullivan said the best way to get the world to notice was by Australia's tourism, food and wine businesses working together to tell the country's stories, something that had never been done before.
"When we originally launched 'There's nothing like Australia', we did it by asking Australians to talk about their 'nothing like' experiences. This time our rally cry is to industry, with Tourism Australia providing the platforms to help show the world Restaurant Australia.
"The word-of-mouth advocacy this familiarisation will generate internationally is aimed squarely at closing the gap on perceptions of Australia's food and wine offering internationally and motivating people to travel here to indulge in our local cuisine. 
"We want to win over their hearts, minds and their stomachs so that the dream of visiting Australia becomes reality." 
Tourism Australia chief marketing officer Nick Baker said the new campaign had been developed based on recent research which showed Australia was well placed to capitalise on growing demand among international travellers for local culinary experiences as part of their travel.
"For people who've never visited Australia awareness of our food and wine offering is low," he said. "However, once they visit, people realise the variety and quality of our food and wine experiences is world-class and Australia moves to the top of the rankings as a one of the world's best culinary destinations.
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