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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Fancy sitting next to that good-looking blonde/blond on your next flight?

Want to avoid sitting next to some huge dude who spills over into your seat space? Prefer to sit next to a really good-looking blonde/blond?

Well funsters, South Africans Airways has just made all your dreams come true.

SAA has launched a new online check-in feature called Social Check-In that allows customers to use their Facebook details to help choose who they want to sit next to on their next flight.

Now there’s no excuse to be bored," says saucy Tim Clyde-Smith, SAA’s country manager for Australasia (which isn't a country, but let's not get deflected by semantics). "Customers can spice it up by selecting anyone who also uses the feature and has shared their own details."

Only available to those checking in online, all frisky flyers need to do is follow these steps: Check in online on or on mobi site and input flight details. Share their Facebook details while checking in. Then select the profile details they want to share with other passengers and add travel details.

Next, a seat map will show other customer profile details, the seats they have chosen and available seats allowing customers to select spots next to people with the same interests or going to the same events.

Social Check-In is available for both flights within South Africa and all international flights, including our daily service from Perth," says Clyde-Smith. "Customers need to check in from 24 hours before their flight and not less than 90 minutes for domestic flights in South Africa or 2 hours for an international flight. After that, customers won’t be able to view other passengers’ profiles or change their seat.

With thousands of Aussies travelling to Africa for business or pleasure, we’re sure that our new Social Check-In feature will appeal to them."

It is up to individual flyers how much, if any, information they share about themselves.

I think I might be indicating that I snore, fart and need to get up every 30 minutes in the hope that no one will sit next to me and I get an empty row in which to stretch out and sleep.

You might feel differently.

For more information on SAA flights visit or call 1300 435 972. South African Airways (SAA) operates to 40 destinations worldwide. SAA has daily flights from Perth to Johannesburg with onward connections to the biggest network in Africa and is a Star Alliance member.

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  1. It could be spooky or fun but as I'm a risk taker why not give it a whirl?