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East Coast Wine Trail

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Veteran winemaker changes direction with new range

Throughout almost half a century in the wine business, Geoff Merrill has made wines that are designed for the long haul. 

A typical Merrill red is released with several years of bottle age and destined to have a long cellar life if required. 

Current releases date back to 2003 and include several wines that are a decade or more old. 

Trained at Seppelt, Merrill worked in Europe and South Africa and at Chateau Reynella before creating his own brand, which released its first wines in 1983. 

Today, Geoff Merrill Wines has vineyards in two of Australia’s classic viticultural regions: Pimpala Vineyard and Wickham Downs in McLaren Vale, and Graymoor in Coonawarra. 

Mount Hurtle Winery stretches back more than 100 years to 1897.

Now Merrill has released a new range "the Gaggle by Merrill" aimed at the next generation of wine drinkers looking for younger, fresher styles and immediate gratification. Buy now. Drink now. 

All five wines retail for $25 and three, the 2020 Dancing Queen Riesling (Clare Valley), the 2020 Charley Dry Rosé (Riverland) and the 2019 Georgie May Chardonnay (McLaren Vale/Coonawarra) are unoaked. 

The two reds are the 2018 Grumpy Gramps Grenache and the 2017 St Nic Shiraz Cabernet. both from McLaren Vale. 

I opened the riesling and the chardonnay last night. The chardonnay bottle is empty, the riesling close. Both, needless to say, were extremely refreshing. 

"This is the most significant product launch for us for many years," says Geoff Merrill sales and marketing manager Chris Lawson. I reckon Merrill's on a winner as he attempts to unearth a whole new audience. 

And the names? "Every wine has been carefully crafted to reflect the unique characteristics of the family members symbolised," Merrill says. 

And the Gaggle? Named for the geese that hang around the vineyard and cellars at Mount Hurtle. 

See www.geoffmerrillwines.com.au    


  1. Have always admired Geoff Merrill a great winemaker and a real character

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