East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Friday, 15 January 2021

How to beat par during Covid-19

You might have to escape from your own country first, but golfers are being enticed to see out the Covid-19 pandemic at some of the best golf courses in Asia.

Golf quarantine in Thailand now available at six government-approved golf resorts, the Tourism Authority of Thailand reports. 

Located in Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Nayok, Phetchaburi (near Hua Hin) and Chiang Mai, these six golf resorts allow foreign golfers the opportunity to undergo quarantine and enjoy golfing in Thailand at the same time.

The Ministry of Public Health's Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for Covid-19 has unveiled a list of Government-approved golf resorts to allow foreign golfers with advance arrangements for golfing in Thailand an opportunity to undergo a golf quarantine as an alternative local state quarantine option.

The six Government-certified golf resorts for golf quarantine in Thailand include three in Kanchanaburi: Mida Golf Club, Evergreen Hills Golf Club and Blue Star Golf Course, and one each in Nakhon Nayok: Artitaya Golf & Resort; Phetchaburi: Sawang Resort and Golf Club (above), and Chiang Mai: Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf & Resort.

Mida Golf Club is located west of Kanchanaburi and is a regulation par-72 course laid out over 800 acres with multiple room types available. It has a driving range, practice areas, and a swimming pool.

Evergreen Hills Golf Club, also in Kanchanaburi, has a 97-room resort, clubhouse, restaurant, driving range, tennis court, and swimming pool.

Blue Star Golf Course, also in Kanchanaburi, is a par-72 course with a choice of accommodation and room types, clubhouse, driving range, and practice areas.

Artitaya Golf & Resort in Nakhon Nayok offers a challenging 18-hole layout supported by the resort, golf clubhouse and restaurant.

Sawang Resort and Golf Club in Phetchaburi is an 18-hole international quality course with a hotel, restaurant, driving range, swimming pool, clubhouse and pro shop.

Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf & Resort in Chiang Mai is an 18-hole course with a restaurant and clubhouse.

Foreign golfers wishing to visit Thailand during this time will be allowed to spend their two-week quarantine period at any of the six certified golf resorts and move around in the resort environment and also play golf, rather than just having to isolate in their rooms.

Golfers still need to have all of their advance arrangements in good order for arrival and entry, including a visa, which can include a Single-Entry Tourist Visa (TR) or a Special Tourist Visa (STV); medical and travel insurance; and a Certificate of Entry. 

Some golf courses in Thailand offer special quarantine packages with discounted green fees and special amenities.

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