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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Discover a permanent new food festival in Melbourne

Melbourne is set to welcome a permanent festival of food - with the desperately dull name of Grazeland.

To be located next to Scienceworks in Spotswood, west of the CBD, Grazeland aims to pay homage to the city's diverse food scene. 

The precinct, at present a barren industrial site, will offer a casual dining experience by bringing together a diversity of local producers, live entertainers, and consumers.

Spanning across 10,000sqm, Grazeland will host over 50 sweet and savoury food vendors, three fully licensed bars, artisan stalls selling locally designed products, roving entertainers and live performances, creating a food festival experience.

“Given Melbourne’s amazing culinary scene, there is no better city to introduce a permanent festival of food," says says John Forman, the Grzeland managing director. "Grazeland will bring together the multicultural tastes that Melbourne is known for in one location, giving everyone the chance to discover a world of new flavours.” 

The new destination will be open every Friday-Saturday-Sunday of the year with outdoor seating to make the most of the warm summer days and cover for the rainier ones. I hope they've got a few braziers on order as we all know how cold Melbourne can be in winter. 

Designed by Push Projects with Phil Bucknell of Milieu Projects, the festival park will incorporate a series of themed spaces as varied as the food offerings themselves.

March is proposed opening date.   

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