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Saturday 17 February 2018

Why a cruise ship company should reconsider its compensation offer

If I was on a "relaxing" cruise that was punctuated by punch-ups and scuffles I would be wanting a complete refund on my ruined holiday. 

That's why passengers on the Carnival Legend cruise ship this week have every right to feel aggrieved not only at the way the violence was handled but by Carnival Cruise Lines derisory offer of 25% off their next cruise with the company as a "goodwill gesture" refund. 

That's an insult and very poor PR indeed. 

The 10-day cruise through the South Pacific went haywire soured as multiple members of a large family threatened and assaulted other passengers and clashed with security staff, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. 

At least 26 members of the family were kicked off the ship on Friday after a "vicious brawl" forced the vessel to make an unscheduled stop in Eden on the New South Wales South Coast. 

Passengers disembarking from the Carnival Legend in Melbourne told the ABC they had to lock themselves in their cabins to avoid the violence. The carnival turned into a circus.

An internal investigation into the incident has been launched, said Carnival president Sture Myrmell. He knows that is nowhere near good enough.

I received a response from Carnival Cruises: "We offered everyone on the cruise a general 25 per cent future cruise credit as a goodwill gesture. However, we are addressing on a case-by-case basis issues involving those guests who were directly impacted and where there were extenuating circumstances."

So unless you were actually punched or kicked there go your chances of compensation.

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