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Monday 12 June 2017

Blue Wren Winery: A bright feather in your culinary cap

What is chef Steve up to?
Things are very much on the move at Blue Wren Winery, Mudgee. Recent samples have impressed, particularly a 2016 Verscato, a crisp aperitif wine made from verdelho grapes in the style of Moscato.

Colleague Roderick Eime visited Blue Wren last weekend and was impressed by the momentum. Here's his guest post.

After a complete upgrade to every aspect of the property, one of Mudgee’s signature wineries relaunches as a bold gastronomic and events venue.

There’s a wry smirk on Chef Steve’s face as he digs deep into the punnet of thick coffee-coloured mousse he’s about to put on my plate. The velvet-smooth paste is delicately extracted with an ice cream scoop and placed to the side.

As I ponder this strange concoction, Steve continues to taunt me with cheeky glances as he prepares for the next astonishing procedure.

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