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Monday 12 June 2017

How an air crew's inability to add up can put lives at risk

Just the other day my wife had a shop assistant search for a calculator to add up the total from two purchases: $5 and $3.50.

Lots of people cannot add up; and that is an issue when the flight crew that's been given the task of making sure the correct number of passengers are on your plane have that issue.

You'll have seen them going up and down the aisles, clicking a little machine that is supposed to ensure that no one has loaded some baggage and then decided to scarper.

Except when they can't get the numbers right - and a passengers' luggage flies, but he does not.

It happened recently at Mumbai Airport when a passenger dozed off on an airport bus and missed his flight - without the bus driver or the IndiGo airline crew noticing.

The bus was ferrying passengers to the aircraft from the terminal at Mumbai Airport and somehow the driver and other airport personnel failed to spot him, TravelMole reported.

The bus was then parked up and locked, trapping him inside for six hours (apparently he was one of only three people in the country without a mobile phone).

The man, who did not want his identity disclosed, said he dozed off due to exhaustion after working non-stop for more than two days.

"I was in Mumbai for official work and continuously working for 2-3 days. I was very tired and fell asleep after I sat on the back seat, close to the air-conditioning vent," he said.

"I spent the entire night at the airport and took the first flight to Bangalore in the morning," the flier said.

He added he was at first considered a trespasser after being found on the bus; before he had the chance to prove his story.

Airlines go through multiple head count checks during boarding and on the flight, and it is unclear how crew failed to spot that they were one passenger short. A good job he wasn't a terrorist.

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