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Tuesday 27 June 2017

Are Armenia and Albania among the next travel hotspots?

Is Armenia on your agenda for a holiday? How about Albania (pictured) as a vacation destination? 

Both countries are among the most enquired about with British travel agents Responsible Travel, who also see growth in destinations including Montenegro, Croatia and Georgia (not the one in the US). 

Responsible Travel reports a colossal rise in popularity of Eastern European destinations for the first half of this year, compared to 2016. 

With exchange rates predicted to sting many European tourists in traditional destinations this summer, the on line travel company’s latest data suggests a growing trend for Eastern Europe, where holiday budgets stretch further and local communities can benefit, too.

Responsible Travel’s percentage increase in enquiries (year on year): Armenia +143%, Albania +110%, Montenegro +71%, Croatia +54%, Georgia +54%. 

Enquiries, of course, are not solid bookings, but do suggest an interesting trend.

“Our customers are showing unprecedented interest in Eastern European destinations where we know they get better value for money," says Responsible Travel CEO Justin Francis. 

"Local people can benefit hugely from this growth in popularity if we, as travellers, make sure our money is going directly to the people that need it. Staying in local accommodation, eating in locally owned restaurants, shopping in local markets…these pump money into communities. So when tourism is done responsibly then we have a win-win situation for local people as well as visitors.”

The weak sterling rate means British tourists are being hit harder than ever in many of the traditionally popular holiday destinations. With the current exchange rate, it is reported customers will pay an extra £200 for €1000. Also, popularity and demand rises for destinations considered ‘safe’, such as Spain and Portugal, so do the prices.

So is a cultural tour of Armenia, or a walking trip in rural Albania tickle your fancy next time you are in Europe...

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