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Saturday 27 May 2017

A trophy winning wine for a tenner? It can be done.

I am not a huge fan of show results as a method of deciding on a wine's worthiness. 

The simple truth is that wine shows are still flawed and a glance at charts often shows that a wine that picks up a trophy one week scores 16 next time out. 

The only difference is that the winery shouts from the rooftops about trophies and gold medals but ignores the 15-16s. 

That said, when a modestly priced wine starts picking up awards it pays to take note. 

A couple of years ago the Jacob's Creek Classic Riesling collected show scores and enthusiastic media reviews that showed it to be an absolute bargain. 

Now look out for the Jacob's Creek Classic 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, which picked up a gold medal and trophy for "best wine from a regional blend" at the 2017 Langhorne Creek Show. 

JC has significant vineyard holdings in the region and this wine is 1/3 Langhorne Creek fruit with an PPR of $11.99. The reality is, however, that you can usually find it for under $10. I've seen it as low as $8.95. 

This wine has deep, dark inkiness, cassis and tobacco leaf on the nose, dark berry fruits and impressive structure. It is very meat-friendly. And a definite bargain. 
I scored it 90-91 points and would have been happy to pay around $20 for a wine of this quality (although the 2016 Jacob's Creek Cabernet Merlot, a gold medal winner at the same show, impressed me less and is correctly priced). 

"We are very proud of this trophy because it rewards our wine-making and viticultural teams' efforts to uphold the quality of our red wines across the board," says Jacob's Creek chief winemaker Ben Bryant. "We invest the same attention to detail to make our classic wines and we do to make our icon (premium) wines." 


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