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Sunday 28 May 2017

A most unusual choice: sparkling wine from Brazil

Brazil has a reputation for colour, energy and passion, for carnival and football. Now wines from Brazil are available in Australia with the launch of three styles from Vinicola Salton.

Brazil’s image for winemaking has been slowly but steadily rising. The fifth-largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere, it has more than 1,100 wineries and 82,000 hectares of vineyards across diverse climates. 

Located approximately two hours from Porto Alegre, in Vale do Rio das Antas РDistrito de Tuiuty, near the city of Bento Gon̤alves at the southernmost point of Brazil, the fourth-generation Salton winery is one of the most famous in a beautiful wine tourism region, which draws thousands of visitors each year.

At the heart of the Salton family’s success is sparkling wine. As Brazil’s largest producer of national sparkling wine since 2005, Salton currently stands out as one of the three largest cellars in Brazil, with current production nearing 15 million bottles. 

I tried the Brazil Intenso NV Sparkling ($22), grapes picked in early January, made from glera (like prosecco) and perfectly serviceable, although my wife said hers "tasted like beer". There is a yeasty element, but I found the wine quite crisp and clean, light and refreshing. Very pleasant if unremarkable.   

Salton Wines has entered the Australian market, backed by beverage and distribution company Expedition Trade. For details see

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