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Monday 15 May 2017

Angove to fly the Australian organic flag at Vinexpo

Angove is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Australia and an early adopter of organic principles. 
Now Angove is set to fly the Australian organic flag at Vinexpo (below), the world's biggest trade fair, in Bordeaux from June 18-21.

Angove says it will be the only Australian producer on the new “World of Organic Wine” (WOW) stand at Vinexpo, which will feature 200 organically and biodynamically certified wineries from around the world. 
Since first becoming certified just over a decade ago Angove Family Winemakers has embraced the organic ethos for many of its vineyards is are now the largest organic winery in Australia with nearly 200 hectares of fully certified family vineyard and ongoing relationships with a number of certified growers. It takes three years for a vineyard to become fully certified.
“We see many opportunities for great tasting, reasonably priced organic wines globally," director of sales Tim Boydell says. "Organic produce, in general, is one of the fastest growing consumer categories and it is fantastic to have built so rapidly on our early position in this market segment. 
Angove will showcase its Warboys Vineyard, Wild Olive and Angove Organic wine ranges at Vinexpo. 

“Organic viticulture is viewed as the best way to improve soil quality and optimise water use, which creates stronger, healthier vines and better fruit. It is more expensive but we believe it makes better tasting wines and, importantly, is better for the environment," says chief winemaker Tony Ingle.

"We see this as an essential investment in our future and part of our deeply held belief to make sure that we pass our precious natural resources on to the next generation in better condition than when we started.
"The organic crops seem to achieve flavour ripeness earlier, at lower sugar levels, have thicker skins, especially the reds, and are less susceptible to disease. Importantly farming organically improves the environment with no synthetic or chemical herbicides or pesticides used in the growing of the grapes."
# This story is a re-work of an Angove Wines press release  

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