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Thursday 15 September 2016

The best time of the year to enjoy gourmet Slovenia

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Slovenia a couple of years ago; and found it one of the most captivating countries I had visited. 

Slovenia is scenically beautiful, welcoming and largely unspoiled by mass package tourism.

It was also a destination that offered good food and wine experiences; and the European autumn is promoted as the best time to sample local gourmet goods as food from the countryside floods into the Ljubljana central market. 

It is also the time when most traditional culinary and wine events take place in the historic and charming capital.

The Ljubljana Wine Route festival is held on first Saturday in November in the old city centre. 

It marks St. Martin's Day, when, according to Slovenian tradition, grape must officially turns to wine. The event includes tastings of new-vintage wine and culinary delights served from stalls set up in front of the old city centre's bars and restaurants.

November also sees Slovenian Wine Festival and Culinary Festival at the Grand Hotel Union. The two festivals, held simultaneously, offer visitors an excellent opportunity to get to know Slovenian wines and enjoy various culinary delights. 

In the recent years, Slovenia has experienced a culinary boom. Ljubljana's chefs, restaurants and traditional dishes are gaining increasing acclaim and attention all over the world.

Culinary tours and trips include food tastings in various restaurants in the Ljubljana city centre, as well as in the countryside surrounding the city are on offer, and visitors can also attend a Slovenian cooking workshop and a traditional Slovenian evening with dinner, music and dancing. There's also a chocolate festival coming up. 

Ljubljananjam food walks (above) are a three-hour culinary ramble through the city centre, tasting various hot and cold snacks and main dishes while sampling craft beer, wine, tea and coffee.
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