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Friday 30 September 2016

When Avis does not try harder

I was in a hurry when I arrived at the Avis car hire counter at London's St Pancras International Station. Eurostar had arrived over 45 minutes late and I was in danger of missing the football match that was the reason for my trip.

There was an agitated fellow in front of me in line but the Avis desk was completely deserted.

All the other car hire company desks were manned by one or two people but there was no one at the Avis counter at all. Not a sign. Nothing. 

After 15 or so minutes the sole operative on duty returned with zero apology, saying he had been attending to another client. 

By now four other renters had joined the line behind me. 

After I was accused of being "impolite" when I criticised the Avis level of service the desk jockey told me staffing had been reduced and someone else was on holiday. So much for "trying harder".

I departed a further 30 minutes late. Try returning your rental vehicle 30 minutes late and see the reception you get! 

Returning the car was equally shambolic. A dude dressed as a mechanic pointed to an empty bay and then disappeared;  never to be seen again. 

There were no signs at all pointing to where the office was, or where keys should be dropped. I'm still waiting for my final account.

Surely guests could be given a map or instructions when they pick up their vehicle. Apparently that would be too hard. Too much effort for Avis.   

I also wanted to tell Avis that the clutch on the almost brand new car needed adjustment. But they can find out for themselves. 

# Avis responded to my complaints with an email apology and 60 Euros worth of discount vouchers which are not valid in Australia, where I live.