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Sunday 6 March 2016

The most stylish way to tour Australia: if you you've got cash to splash

It sounds like the perfect way to explore Australia - a massive country with diverse attractions spread across a range of time zones and climatic conditions. 

The only setback is that you need to have a whole lot of cash to splash or be in possession of a black American Express card. 

Luxury inbound travel company The Tailor this week unveiled its own purpose-built Pilatus PC-12 aircraft – which it bills as "the world’s fastest, safest and most adaptable small passenger aircraft".

“The Pilatus carries up to eight people in absolute comfort, cruises at 30,000 feet at speeds up to 510kph and can land on just about any air strip in Australia,” says Drew Kluska, managing director of The Tailor.

Kluska says the plane has "been compared to a European sports car because of its speed, agility and awesome good looks.”

In a bid to capture the interest of well-heeled overseas visitors, The Tailor has formed a joint venture with charter company Pegasus Air to provide both international and domestic travellers with an exciting new way to explore Australia’s vast spaces. 

Sean Habgood, executive director of Pegasus Air, is the driving force behind this exciting new initiative which he believes will be a game changer for the Australian travel industry. 

“Once people experience the ease and comfort of flying in the PC-12 it’s very hard to travel any other way,” he says. 

The new plane means travellers will be able to experience vastly different parts of Australia during a single trip – combining Sydney, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island and the Barossa in a single itinerary, for example.

“Not only can this aircraft land on really short dirt runways, it has the ability to fly non stop from Darwin to Adelaide - this gives us great flexibility,” says Kluska.

The Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine turbo prop aircraft designed to operate in harsh conditions. It is now available for private charter.

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