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Saturday 5 March 2016

The most embarrassing place names of all-time

I was reading a review the other day of a delightful sounding guest house in Newfoundland. I'm pretty sure it gets more than its fair share of visitors just because of the name of the village in which it is situated - Dildo. 

There are many people who love to stay somewhere with an offensive-sounding name; just as there are people who love to wear replica shirts of obscure Peruvian football team Deportivo Wanka; and lowly Argentine outfit Deportivo Moron. 

And Dildo, where the name has obscure origins but dates back to the 1700s, is far from the most offensive town name around.

Condom, in France, is one of the better known, and even though a condom is called a preservatif in French, this small town in the south-west once pulled in the visitors with a museum of condoms, now sadly closed. The town's only museum today is devoted, far more tastefully, to Armagnac.

The most offensive place name is probably Fucking in Austria, a town north of Salzburg where the street signs are often stolen, although the hamlet of Anus in Burgundy, France, and Twatt, once home to an airfield in Scotland, come close. 

Other candidates with less confronting but equally hilarious names include places like Intercourse, Pennsylvania, Cocks in Cornwall, Hell in Michigan and the downright bizarre Swastika in Ontario, a former railway junction apparently named after a gold mine.
Residents also probably find it hard to cope with living in Pratt's Bottom in England, Ugley, also in England, Hooker in Oklahoma and the disturbing Wetwang in Yorkshire.

All right you lot up the back. Stop sniggering. 

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