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Thursday 10 March 2016

Australia's love affair with Champagne grows and grows

Australia's ongoing love affair with Champagne just gets more and intense. 

Figures released today by the Champagne Bureau in Sydney show that Australia imported 8,110,106 bottles in 2015– an increase of 24.31%. 

That makes Australia the sixth-largest market in the world in terms of importing (and the third-largest outside of Europe). It is the fifth largest per head of population.

"Australians are more educated and passionate about Champagne than ever before," says Elisabeth Drysdale, director of the Champagne Bureau.

"Over the last few decades, we have always remained in the top 10 markets for importing."

Here are the top 10 export markets (in bottles):

1. UNITED KINGDOM 34,153,662 

2. USA 20,508,784 

3. GERMANY 11,907,887 

4. JAPAN 11,799,246 

5. BELGIUM 9,210,659 

6. AUSTRALIA 8,110,106

7. ITALY 6,359,572

8. SWITZERLAND 5,410,288

9. SPAIN 3,909,345

10.SWEDEN 2,924,854

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